Welcome to the
Florida Gulf Coast League!

Baseball Summer 2019 is here!  Welcome to the gulf beaches of the Tampa Bay area.  The Florida Gulf Coast League, a non-profit, team owned, summer collegiate baseball league, filled with unique team owners and baseball organizations features a 30 game schedule, starting June 1 to July 15, featuring an all-star game, home run derby and playoffs.  Game schedule reflects Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday game times which allows every other day off for enjoyment of the Gulf Coast beaches, and the Tampa Bay area while enjoying value add league benefits of state of the art hitting and strength facilities.  The league features six teams in its inaugural summer season. Complete the player application to have a team contact you.

Next Steps

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Where to Stay

Click the logo for discounted rates at the official hotel of the FGCL!

Game of the Week

Opening Day, June 3, 2019!!!!

Season Highlights

Team/Player Orientation, Saturday, June 1, 2019