High School Scout Team Application

Welcome to the Florida Gulf Coast League, High School player, prospect identification series.  At the FGCL, we are seeking those HS prospects  that can be identified as possible MLB talent and selecting scout travel teams for the upcoming 2020 travel baseball tour.  The FGCL scout teams will be evaluated and coached by MLB coaches/players/scouts and provide real evaluation and training.  The FGCL is also affiliated with 5-Star National group.

The FGCL HS Scout team travel program will play in tournaments such as PG events here in Florida, Georgia along with other  tournaments during the Spring, Summer and Fall.  Our goal is to provide real MLB evaluation, training and development, preparing you for the different stages of the game.  Our MLB staff will consist of many coaches, each position will have instructors teaching you what it takes to become a PRO player.

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